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#school accelerated

Not only great artists, not just good programmers, we strive for thoughtful people, critical and creative, who can collaborate and solve problems together.

No strings attached

School-based extracurricular venture in the form of enrichment classes for youth.


Gaming, education and technology for curious, cooperative, independent and critical people.

Real word solvers

Coping with social and personal problems in conflict situations, realize new answers.

by Classpace RIDDLE

We are not only challenging how school is designed or taught, but we challenge how we understand what technology in education is. Only so will we cause students to be critical and creative.

and pencils

Talmudic pedagogy will be at the heart of the concept that combines training lessons with those in which the students are the instructors, in an Agile gaming approach of theater playing roles.

Action-based motivational climate

How to enjoy learning, work and pleasure from the social circle of entrepreneurial people.

Self-directed learner

Independent thinking, creativity, strengthening self-confidence and acceptance of the other.


Technologies, sciences, and thinking that lead to breakthroughs (on borders and art as a dialogue).

From theory to leadership

What is a start-up, basic electronics, 3D design and visual communication, popular science, I have an idea!

Collaborations between opposites

The acquisition of values of speech culture and cooperation in the group while sharpening the skills of interpersonal communication (constructive criticism versus competition and emotional criticism).

Learning as a serial story

Imparting basic stage skills and developing a sense of responsibility. The actor as a storyteller while using StoryUI for modeling.